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We accelerate the adoption of cognitive technologies for industry 4.0, medicine and science, to quickly develop low-cost solutions based on Machine Learning, IoT and Blockchain.

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Our mission is to make the intelligent digital transformation of your complex business reality much easier

Connecting through smart transversal processes all your business areas

Designing specific ad hoc solutions for each of the areas of your business canvas

Digital transformation shouldn’t be that complicated

Our task is to design transversal solutions supporting your business objectives, in a detailed and feasible way, to maximize a prompt 360º impact on your value chain at strategic and development levels

AI, Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Artificial intelligence allows processes to be optimized based on data-based learning because it is capable of making forecasts for countless situations in order to later choose the best scenario. Contrary to popular belief, AI has been democratized by the talent of thousands of developers and does not require large investments in proprietary platforms that will hold you hostage to your vendors for years.

IoT, the connected Industry

IoT, internet of things represents the paradigm shift to a hyperconnected and automated industrial world exchanging data on production activity, transport fleet, human, security and surveillance, market, delivery, logistics, etc. 

The companies that most successfully integrate the analysis of these processes to find process improvements in their business areas, mechanisms to adapt to the market, control and management of anomalies and fraud, etc. they will obtain a magnificent market position

Blochchain Technologies

This technology avoids intermediaries in transactions, which could provide an efficient and profitable flow of goods and services. Its core feature is storing a hash (or unique transaction key) on the blockchain preventing further manual changes, and preserving its integrity from fraudulent alterations of this record.

Work areas

For a decade we have developed solutions with

Creators of

Specialization in satellite remote sensing and integration of NDVI indexes and AI

Energy Optimization in industrial processes

Machine Learning for energy optimization creating more robust and efficient processes

Edge Computing

Integrations with LoRa connectivity and Edge Computing autonomous devices

Management, coordination and integrations of third-party developments

Our hands-on experience allows us to coordinate complex projects with the integration of different technologies

We want clarity for all

Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Process Optimization are complex disciplines that can be explained to anyone.  We are tech translators accelerating this process clearly.

Optimizing Resources

Learn how AI and automation significantly improve competitiveness

Saving Time

Transform your processes under a comprehensive plan defined under expert knowledge

Unifying Team Vision

Generating a digitalization plan through AI and IoT must go through knowing the 360 about the efforts, prioritizing decisions according to return.

Avoid Frankestein Strategy

Build a global vision of the impact of AI, IoT and BC and not meaningless puzzles

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